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    ABCO provides over 40 years professional experience in garage door repair. ABCO offers exceptional value and professional service and are trained to be courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Call us for an estimate, we have the best price and best installers.

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Bracket Repair

Out with the cheap L-brackets and in with the solid and strengthened made garage door brackets. Designed for reinforced mounting of electric operators. It's firmly attached to the door with bolts and to the opener lift arm by a pin that is held in place by a cotter pin.



This is a replacement lift cable for standard, seven-Feet high, wood or metal garage doors up to sixteen feet wide. This cable is for doors with torsion springs. It features a galvanized finish and is one eighth inch thick for strength and durability.



Are your pulleys loud and squeaky? Do they have a jerking movement and not behave as they should? If so, we'll need to replace your pulleys. Give us a call or schedule a phone call. For use on double car doors. Can be used as stud pulley or spring pulley. Spring clevis hook, nut and bolt included with pulley. Ten steel ball bearings. 18 gauge steel.



Rollers can also be the cause of loud noises and strange garage door behaviors. We'll get you the best professional rollers and install them perfectly.


Torsion Springs Repair

Repairing your own garage door can be dangerous. Especially for Torsion Springs because of the winding bars. For your safety, call us and we'll do the job quick and safe.

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