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    ABCO provides over 40 years professional experience in Access Control Systems. ABCO offers exceptional value and professional service and are trained to be courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Call us for an estimate, we have the best price and best installers.

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HID Proximity Card

A proxi card or prox card is a savvy card which can be perused without embeddings it into a peruser gadget, as needed by prior attractive stripe cards, for example, credit cards.[2] To utilize, the nearness card is held close to an electronic peruser for a minute. The peruser generally creates a beep or other sound to show the card has been perused. Vicinity cards ordinarily have a scope of around 5 cm (2 inches)[1] for perusing.


Key Fob

ABCO is your one-stop look for processing factory plant keyless section remotes, key dandies and programming administrations.


Stand-Alone Key Pad

These keypads are the ideal decision for controlling electric or electromagnetic locks, security frameworks, lift control, entryway controls, or different sorts of supplies needing on/off or transient control inputs.


Electric Strikes

Electric strikes guarantee entryway security in private, open and business premises, are suitable for utilization with numerous distinctive locks and entryway sorts and are accessible in all routine working voltages. Whether for standard entryways, fire and smoke check entryways or for entryways in crisis and getaway courses, you will have the capacity to discover the right model to match your specific necessities - all quality


Magnetic Lock

Holding power of 300 to 1200 lbs. Safeguard to guarantee flame retreat ways are opened amid force blackouts. Shear locks give both an attractive and mechanical association offering prevalent locking quality



Secure your home, business, school or any facility with an outer surface private keypad entryway lock from ABCO


ADA Compliant Switche

ADA Compliant Push and Touch Panels. For included accommodation and availability, ABCO push catch controls are accessible with vast, simple to-enact push plates. Hard wired or radio controlled push plates are accessible in a wide assortment of completions, sizes, profiles and logo decisions. Switches might likewise be mounted to posts and rails for most extreme comfort and availability.


Day Timer

The discretionary 7 day clock can be utilized to open the entryway at a preset time and if the auto close gimmick of the door opener is generally utilized the entryway can then close naturally at a preset time. The clock is supplied with a 3 wire bridle that effectively wires to the control prepare to leave.


Request to Exit Sensor

Our Request to Exit Device is a movement locator particularly intended to dependably discharge attractive locks. An individual approaching the entryway is "seen" by the movement identifier just before arriving at the entryway

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